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Global Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct - 4/8/2014

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Blackhearted    512

The NA direct:





And some bigger points if you don't want to watch:


  • First and most importantly was release info. 3DS version hits this summer, Wii U in the winter.
  • 3DS version will run at 60fps, even in 3d.
  • Different stages in each game, and stages that are in both games(like battlefield) will appear different on each platform. Final Destination stage now has a variety of different looks.
  • For Fun(all stages, items, etc) And For Glory(no items, final destination, etc) modes for online play versus randoms. Completely customizable setup for with friends.
  • New and returning characters include: Greninja, Yoshi, and Charizard
  • Characters that were previously transforms, zero suit samus and shiek, are now individual characters
  • Custom move sets when playing locally or online with friends
  • 3DS exclusive "Smash Run" mode.

And maybe a few other things i forgot.


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Andrew    2,689

Think you covered everything besides the nerfs/buffs/move updates.


Wasn't too hyped about this Direct like most. I like Smash but it's a party game for me more than a tournament fighter. Looks gorgeous though, can't wait to play it.

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