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Project Totem is a new Xbox platformer from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood devs

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Project Totem is a new Xbox platformer from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood devs

Friday, 11th April 2014 14:00 GMT By Matt Martin


Danish developer Press Play has revealed Project Totem, a co-op platformer for Xbox One and Xbox 360.


Players control two totem pole pieces with one controller in either single-player or couch co-op.


?It is one of those games, where the basic premise is hard to describe, but once you have the controller in your hand, it is so obviously fun that you immediately get it,? said Rune Dittmer, studio director at Press Play.


?So when Asger Strandby (Game Director) and Bo Strandby (Lead Designer) showed us the prototype at a party, it was a no-brainer to give them some time to elaborate on the core concept. And now a year later we are proud to announce Press Play?s second game for Xbox One.?


Totem_KeyArt_01-156x110.png Totem_KeyArt_01_Crop-156x138.png Totem_KeyArt_03-110x156.png Totem_KeyArt_03_Crop-131x156.png Totem_KeyArt_05_Crop-110x156.png Totem_scr_02_rgb-156x85.png Totem_scr_05_rgb-156x85.png Totem_scr_07_rgb-156x85.png totem_w02_scr_01-156x87.png totem_w02_scr_04-156x87.png totem_w02_scr_07-156x87.png totem_w02_scr_08-156x87.png




Press Play's next Xbox One game is "Totem" - first screenshots and details

Another fiendish puzzler from the makers of Max and the Curse of Brotherhood

Posted on Friday 11-Apr-2014 1:00 PM GMT   By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Deputy Editor for OXM


Microsoft has unveiled Totem, a 2D platform puzzler for Xbox One that's down for release this October, created by Max developer Press Play. The game puts you in charge of two characters at once, each of whom responds to the same button inputs, and asks you to collect the scattered pieces of totem poles shattered by an evil shaman.


The project is the work of Asger and Bo Kirkemann Strandby, who are game director and lead designer respectively - it's the first PressPlay project that isn't under the direction of studio founders. Development began aroud a year ago, while the studio was finishing Max and the Curse of Brotherhood (released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One over the winter).


The game is very much a prototype at the time of writing - the lustrous trixel graphics aren't representative of the final product, and "Totem" is a working title. "We want to be out a bit earlier than we usually are, and get a bit more feedback," studio director Rune Malmskov Dittmer told OXM's Jon Hicks at a hands-on event, adding that "we'd like to get a bit more dialogue about how the game might be, so we're not just developing in a vacuum." Press Play hopes to run an Xbox Live beta at some point this year.


In single player, you're given control of a purple and a green character, who proceed through many of the levels on separate paths. They'll face different combinations of obstacles on the way to the finish, which obviously poses problems for the player - jumping one character over a pit may send the other to its doom. Among other hazards, you'll run into green and purple Spirit Zones that slay a character of the opposing colour.


Should the characters meet up, you can clip them together in order to jump higher, or in order to carry one through a Spirit Zone of the opposing colour. There are also a number of power-ups - Gravity, for example, reverses gravity, allowing characters to walk on ceilings and bounce off each other feet-first where the paths through levels combine.


There's a multiplayer mode, too, in which each player controls two same-coloured characters. Players may combine their characters, as in single player, but will have to match their jumps in order to make use of the associated jump boost.


The game displays at 1080p on Xbox One, and will last a skilled player roundabouts four hours. Watch out for Jonty's thoughts on it in a future issue. What do you think?

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Dotdot    322

Nice to see its made in Hexels. Love that program :)

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