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Guide:WP8.1 Preview - Want Cortana outside of US?

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Hi Everyone,


So there are a few guides on how to get Cortana if you are not in the US which is great, but they don't explain how to make your phone still look and act like it is in your home country whilst keeping Cortana.


What I mean is the following:

Spelling corrections & keyboard - remain with your home country

Currency - for office etc - remain with your home country


So here it is:


First go into Settings - Language and then add languages. Add English United States.

Your phone will probably prompt you to restart your phone:



Long press on English United States and then select: Speech Options


Click on speech language and select English (united States) - this will download that language.



Next go into Settings - Region - and change country/region to United States and Regional Format also to English(united states)

Your phone will probably prompt you to restart your phone:


When your phone starts again, go into your app list and you should see Cortana. Also at this step please check your windows phone store to make sure it works. Some people report at this point it doesn't load, so if it doesn't load for you at this point, revert all settings back to your home country and unfortunately this means you will have to wait for the official 8.1 update.


If the cortana app is there, and your store works. Go back into Settings - region - keep United States as the region, but change the Regional format back to your home country:



Next, go into settings - keyboard - and select your home country keyboard



At this point you are ready to go! Your keyboard will be in your home country, currency/time/date formats will be your home country and you will have cortana!! :)


I haven't found any glitches with this yet, everyone works as normal such as phone reception, data, wifi etc, office apps show for me, the ? sign as im in the UK which is good.


Hope that helps



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