Target Practice Day

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Did some target practice today with a buddy of mine.  I recently did some maintenance on mom and dad's well and their air pressure tank had 4 or 5 rust holes in it.  I'm going to sell it for scrap, but they don't like to take them totally enclosed because if they drop it into a furnace or take a torch to it, the rapidly expanding air inside the tank can cause it to explode and hurt or kill people.  For that reason they like you to gouge big old holes in them or cut them up yourself.


I hadn't done any target practice in a while, so I decided before selling to use this old steel tank as a target to do some target practice with.  We just hauled it up to an old reclaimed strip mine and sat it out at about 100 yards.


Weapons of choice
Myself (Marcus): Windham Weaponry HBC model AR-15
Cartridge Used: Federal 5.56mm NATO, 55 grain ball round (FMJ)
Wesley: Remington Target Master (Bolt Action)
Cartridge: Winchester SuperX .22 LR (Jacketed Hollowpoints)
In the images green circles indicate shots from me, and red circles indicate shots from Wesley.
All shots were taken at right about 100 meters (~300 feet), give or take 5 meters or so from the standing and prone supported firing positions, using iron sights in low light conditions. 15 rounds were fired from the AR-15, and I believe 10 rounds were fired from the .22.
Entry holes
Exit holes
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Wesley thought it was interesting that because he was using hollowpoints, a lot more force was transferred to the point of impact causing a larger dent and the paint to peel off, whereas my much more powerful 5.56 rounds just went completely through it and out the other side without transferring nearly as much energy to the target itself.

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