Sony announces SLT-A77 II high-end APS-C A-mount fixed-mirror DSLR

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Draconian Guppy

Sony has announced the SLT-A77 II - its latest enthusiast grade, APS-C fixed-mirror DSLR. The Mark II features the same pixel count as its three-year-old forebear, but delivers it using a new 24MP sensor. The camera also gains a 79-point autofocus sensor, which it combines with the most sophisticated autofocus system on a Sony camera yet. In addition, the A77 II gains a 'WhiteMagic' RGBW LCD panel and Wi-Fi, along with all the processing improvements that come from the company's latest Bionz processor. Other upgrades include the customizable 'Quick Navi Pro' function menu but the biggest change is the improved autofocus, which combines with the ability to shoot up to 60 JPEGs at 12 frames per second. The SLT-A77 II will be available in June and is priced at $1199 body only and $1799 with an 16-50mm F2.8 lens.



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