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Hi guys,


Just noticed this for sale http://www.mrhightech.com/operating-systems/3514-microsoft-windows-8-professional-0885370395143.html


I have Windows 8.1 installation media readily available on my trusty USB so if I bought this would I be able to install 8.1 (using a KMS key to skip activation initially) and then use "Change product key" to input the Windows 8 Pro key... or would I have to install 8 and go through the Windows Store?

Obviously if i bought a new Windows 8 Pro license then that would be an entirely clean key so would it allow me to activate 8.1 without having first activated 8?


Any advice appreciated,







PS> Anyone used this vendor before? Not sure if they're reputable or not.

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Be careful with purchasing from this website! From a quick search it seems they use a compnay called 95Gateway.com as their processing facility and by all accounts they are a Chinese credit card payment gateway with a dubious history.


I`m not one to really take much from Web Of Trust but this is what they say about them.






As for your question about the key usage, what you can do is install Windows 8.1 (update 1 if you have it) using a generic key (available easily with a quick search) then use your Windows 8 key to activate it later on when online.

Many have done this and it has been successful.


Good luck and be careful...

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OK thanks a lot for that heads-up... think I'll just transfer my current 8/8.1 license off my laptop instead then. The laptop can have Win7 back. Which was my original plan anyway but I saw this and thought hmmmmmmmm. Now not so though. :)

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