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Report: June Wii U Update Will Shorten Boot Up By 20 Seconds

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jerzdawg    338

agreed, I never had issues with boot.. my problem has always been the delay in navigating around the dashboard.. going into message or friends seem to take way to long for a basic app.  If I am in a rush to play something.. its not going to be on the wii u.


side note - Remix 2 is a GREAT game, great mix of oldschool NES games played in a crazy way with insane challenges.

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greenwizard88    449

fwiw, have you seen how long it takes the PS4 to boot from Standby? it's got to be on par w/ the Wii U.


i'd imagine that the 20 second thing means reduced to 20 seconds, not by 20 seconds.

The PS4 is near-instant for me. By the time I turn the PS4 on and the TV turns on, I'm at the PS4 login menu, the only time it takes longer is off of a cold boot.

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