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Deploy Microsoft OneDrive - Windows 7

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Hello, I have been tasked to look at deployment of Microsoft OneDrive across our network, however have ran into some difficulties.


How can I deploy OneDrive to all computers on our network so that each user that logs on can sync data to the OneDrive Cloud?


Some info about our systems:


- Windows 7 is the OS on all workstations

- Microsoft Office 2010 is the office suite installed

- Users have Roaming profiles

- User Profiles & AppData are redirected to a server

- Staff that will use OneDrive are purely users of the machine, not administrators


The Microsoft OneDrive client (the personal edition I presume) installs OneDrive to the profile, which is something we cannot allow. This also means that nobody else who logs onto the system can use it, without each user installing it themselves, which they cannot do, nor will we allow them to.


The Microsoft OneDrive for Business client throws an error of: 12007-4 when the installer runs, which after some research means that it requires Office 2013, or SharePoint 2013, neither of which we have nor will we get. We are in the process of signing up for Office 365, however that will not be completed for a while. Even when this is completed, can we deploy OneDrive 2013 and will it work on our system?


Any help will be massively appreciated. If the answer is that it cannot be done, then that is that!



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As it turns out, Microsoft OneDrive, both Personal and Business editions do not support network locations. The destination for files must be on the local machine, which is a bugger for situations like ours where we have redirected My Documents to a network share.


If you direct it to the local machine, it will store the files you sync in the profile, which is another sticking point as we do not store profiles on the machines after log off. They are synced back to the server and then removed from the machine. We do not want them stored in the profile, as that will cause space issues on the server that is hosting the profiles, plus cause other issues if someone's profile corrupts.


In other words, it can't be done using redirected home areas.

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