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Speed issue with asus rt-N66u

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Nargzul    0



I've the chance at my home to have the optical fiber for internet. I currently have the provider modem, then my Asus Rt-N66U connected, than my workstations in LAN.


Recently, my provider upgraded his offer, and I now got 250Mbit/s (in download).


I wanted to check if I really got this speed, and runned several speed tests(I runned them each hour for one day. Depending on the speed test, I was having between 120 and 150MBit/s.


I opened a case in my internet provided, which asked me to do a test directly being connected to the modem, without the router.


Not really convinced, I run my same test, and then, I got some average speed near 220-240Mbit/s. I then thougt it was maybe the cable, so I tried with the other cable to see if the speed was still at 220MBit/s, and it was(so here I tested the cable between my computer and the router and the one between the router and the modem).


I looked on my router, I've disabled anything I could(DDNS, VPN, QoS, DDOS Protection, firewall), and I still got the same speed.


My router was on the Tomtato firmware, so I restored the stock firmware, to see if it comes from a bug/... of the firmware, same release.



So: I was thinking that the Asus RT-N66U was a great piece of hardware when I baught it, and I hate that the basic modem of the internet provider can provide a much better speed than this router, so what can I do?


Is there something else I could test?

Are you encountering the same kind of issue?

What router can you advice me ?


Thank you!



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+BudMan    2,855

Well according the benchmarks at smallnetbuilder the wan to lan speed should not be a problem
ASUS Dark Knight Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router (RT-N66U) 731.6

According to that 700mbps should be doable ;)

What is the modem your connecting too? Whats the model number of the device from your ISP..  So either the benchmarks are completely off the mark, or yeah something wrong.  You say you restored the native firmware, and reset defaults and your only seeing little over 100..  While directly connected to isp device over 200..  If was a connection thing on the switch ports and you only got a 100mbit connection, then you would be seeing less than 100.  A 100mbit wired connection can not do over 100, mid 90's is normal - so you saying you saw over 100 says you must of been connected at gig..


Lets see if any RT-N66U owners with over 100mbps connections chime in on getting their speeds..  Did you contact asus?

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cork1958    1,043


900mbps should be doable


2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Concurrent Dual-Band Transmissions for Strong Signal Strength and Ultra-Fast Connection Rates up to 900Mbps

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+BudMan    2,855

Not talking wireless - he is talking WAN to LAN throughput here..  Internet to a wired box..  Because we all know for fact that those sort of numbers given by the maker for wireless are total marketing nonsense..  900Mbps it total RAW bandwidth -- put in the overhead of wireless, etc..  And /2 the numbers out of the gate for one.


And you do understand when they report those numbers they are talking 2.4+5 total RAW!!!  No client see that..  So your looking at 450 for a client, and then /2 for that because real world is not the total theory raw bandwidth of the protocol. etc. etc..


But again we are not talking what they say they can do to wireless clients.  We are talking what a benchmark says it can do for wan to lan throughput..  Which says 700, lets take into account lab test vs real world, etc.  I would still hope that it should be able to do 200..  When they say it can do 700+


I would really contact Asus and ask them why seeing such crappy performance..  If it can not do even over 150mbps over wire, how and the F is any wireless client suppose to get even 450/2 or 225?

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