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Windows XP

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techbeck    5,107

According to security firm Qualys, Windows XP?s market share among enterprise-level corporations has slipped under the 10 percent mark, falling from 10 percent in April to ?close to? 8 percent in May.


This matters given that Windows XP is now past its expiration date, as Microsoft has ceased to support and patch the more than decade-old operating system. According to NetMarketShare, Windows XP retains more than 25 percent of the global desktop computer market.


Enterprise firms eclipsing the 10 percent market around a month after Microsoft removed support for Windows XP is potentially encouraging. At current rates, according to Qualys, Windows XP market share among large companies, using current trends, would reach zero in four months. That won?t happen, of course, but the graph points down and to the left.






Still have 80 or so systems at work with XP. Getting an intern in a few weeks to help me upgrade these to Win7.  I just dont have the time to do it myself.

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Anibal P    2,015

I'm really glad that at work we are I would guess 97% Windows 7/8 at the moment, the few XP installs left are getting replaced as fast as they can be replaced, hell even all our Citrix sessions are 2K8/Win 7 based now 

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