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Good case for quiet nas/server build?

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dragon2611    13

I was thinking of building a NAS/Home server around this motherboard


I have the original N36L microserver and whilst it's a nice bit of kit especially considering what it cost at the time, I can't leave it running as otherwise the noise drives me nuts. (It's in the bedroom and I can't easily move it)


The only reason for picking that specific board is I already have it in a HTPC that's about to be replaced and since it's passively cooled and has a reasonable number of Sata ports it might make a good candidate for a server build.


Hoping I can get away with a setup that uses a large slow spinning fan, ideally linked to a temperature sensor so it only actually turns on when it's needed.


HTPC is in an Antec ISK-100 case so all I'd actually need is a new case/PSU.


Not bothered about hotswap drive bays or anything like that, just want something that's quiet

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+Fahim S.    906

Sorry to not answer the question you asked, but you can make a Microserver quieter:

Put quieter fans in it like here

Move to a Pico PSU like here


I cannot personally underwrite any of this having not done it myself.  Despite others say their Microservers are plenty quiet, it is not how I would describe it.  It is, however, thankfully in a room where I don't have to sit.

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