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I currently have the Audioengine A2+ speakers, just two speakers, no sub used with my PC setup. I freaking love these speakers. They sound amazing to me, some types of music not as good, but overall for shows. movies and most music, they are awesome.


They are connected through USB, which is what allows it to be higher quality, as its using the built in DAC over whatever my PC would have.


Now I am going to have my new place setup soon, and I have a 55" TV in a fairly small area, probably a bit smaller then it should be in terms of proper viewing distance.


I'd like to get a sound system for it. And since I figured its a small area, and I am already used to 2.0 and 2.1 systems, thinking about getting the Audioengine A5+ plus their subwoofer.


The issue is these are basically built to be used with PCs mostly, the only connection I see that could be plugged into the TV would be RCA, but to me that sounds like a crap connection? Is that right, is there another way these works with a TV?

Has anyone used these speakers with TVs, or what other speakers do you suggest. 

I want it as minimal as possible, and I will most likely be doing everything possible (punching holes that is) to hide cables etc, placement.



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Nothing wrong with an RCA connection, just use some decent cables. The bigger issue is how good the DAC in your TV is since it will be decoding the audio and passing it to the speakers.

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If you use a digital connection, such as optical or coaxial, you can get 5.1 surround sound from your TV when watching DVD's for example, which should sound  much better than plain stereo from the RCA connection - a good 2.1 speaker system in my view is the Yamaha YAS201 which is a sound bar with separate subwoofer - the audio input is optical toslink, just a cheap optical cable will do, I think it was provided by Yamaha in the box when I set mine up.

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