My Rebuild: Corsair Carbide 500R + Phanteks PH-TC14PE

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Hi Guys,


I received my new case and CPU cooler from the awesome yesterday. It arrived before I went to work...longest day ever haha


Anyway I took some pictures as I was doing it for the hell of it and would like to share some results:


Rig before:



MoBo before:



MoBo with cooler :o




With fans:



Clearance:(I moved the fans up about 5mm after this picture)


Rig after :D





Overall I am very happy. In regards to the install of the CPU cooler, it was an absolute breeze!!! There were literally no issues at all. Remove stock retention bracket, add on the new bracket, screw it mounting plate to the cooler and install to the new retention plate. Job done.


Before I got the case and cooler I was playing Battlefield 4 on medium GFX settings as the CPU was shouting at me when it was on Ultra due to the temps going over 70 degrees.


The below tests were done with battlefield 4, on medium settings, resolution 1920x1080, 10 minutes after boot:


Before new case and cooler:(idle and load - PWM with stock cooler)

CPU Idle: 29 degrees

CPU Load: Max I saw was 64 degrees


After new case and cooler:(PWN with two fans on the cooler: PWM fans at the top of the case and rear exhaust, 200mm side case fan and two 120mm case fans at the front on Corsairs fan controller on medium setting)

CPU Idle: 26 degrees

CPU Load: 33 degrees


And the below test is also with battlefield 4, on Ultra settings, resolution 1920x1080, 10 minutes after boot with the same settings with the case etc as above

CPU idle: 26 degrees

CPU load: 42 degrees


So as you can see the idle temperatures have barely changed, but the load temperatues are absolutely outstanding!!! It seems the hotter the CPU tries to get the better this cooler performs.


For the case itself, very easy assembly, everything feels well built and strong, lots of clearance for coolers taller than this one even though there is a 200mm fan on the side.


Cable management is awesome! Lots of room at the back as there is an indent in both sides of the case for cables etc.


Very impressed :) And it looks good too lol




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Jason S.

I have that case too. really nice isnt it? that cooler is absolutely gigantic, though!

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I have that case too. really nice isnt it? that cooler is absolutely gigantic, though


It is really good! I love it so far. Good build quality and lots of room for improvements, customisation and upgrades :D


Haha yeah it is, I think it looks epic and performs really well!

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Jason S.

how's the noise w/ all those fans stuffed in that case?

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That's sweet!


Questions for you, are you using a software program to get those temps or are you taking the temperature from inside the case with a probe?

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Whoa dat cooler. I've always wondered with coolers like that and massive graphics card (2-3 lbs!), that must be a lot of stress on the motherboard. 

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how's the noise w/ all those fans stuffed in that case?



There is a slight buzz on idle from one of my top case fans but the rest are absolutely silent, even on full load!


That's sweet!


Questions for you, are you using a software program to get those temps or are you taking the temperature from inside the case with a probe?


I'm using AI suite as it is the software for the motherboard. I compared it with a few others like HWmonitor etc and they all say the same temps.


Whoa dat cooler. I've always wondered with coolers like that and massive graphics card (2-3 lbs!), that must be a lot of stress on the motherboard. 



haha I know! Makes you wonder how motherboards handle tri SLI etc with aftermarket coolers etc.

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