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Pinoy hackers deface Chinese websites

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gameboy1977    886
Pinoy hackers deface Chinese websites
Posted at 05/19/2014 7:51 PM | Updated as of 05/19/2014 7:51 PM
A screenshot of a defaced Chinese government website

MANILA - Filipino hackers have attacked at least 60 Chinese government and private websites in retaliation for Beijing's aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea.

In a campaign dubbed "OpChinaReloaded," the hackers inserted pages on the websites and posted a message.

"China's alleged claim on maritime territories and oppressive poaching can no longer be tolerated. Stand against oppression! It's time to fight back! Say no to China's bullying!" the message said.

The hackers claim to belong to the groups "Anonymous Phillippines," "Panay Cyber Haxxors," "Panay Cyber Army," and "Phantom Hackers PH."

The list of affected sites are:

Filipino hackers launched similar attacks in 2012. Chinese hackers retaliated and defaced Filipino websites.

The Philippines and China are locked in a dispute over maritime areas in the West Philippine Sea.

Eleven suspected Chinese poachers were recently arrested by Philippine police. Manila is also accusing Beijing of building a military base on Mabini Reef inside the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.


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I remember that China had great-firewall network before, but those Filipino hacker break into Chinese government website, because of sea... maybe there would be war.... The Philippines, USA, and other allied Asia southeast will against the China for sea.

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