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rageagainstmachine    35

Am i being dim here?!! i took advantage of the free 30 day trial, but when i try and watch falling skies its trying to charge me 1.89 per epsiode. is this really not inlcuded as part of the package?

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deathoffleas    3

Amazon Instant Video and Prime (formerly Lovefilm) are two different animals under the Amazon brand but available through the same interface.


Prime is all subscription based and has a limited catalogue that constantly changes depending on licencing agreements.

Instant Video is Video on demand (like ITunes) and costs per episode / per item, the catalogue is wider and is always available.


I assume Falling Skies is in the Instant Video purchases not Prime


I accidently purchased an episode of a series that was available on Prime by clicking the wrong button on the interface (I had one click purchases set up). I recommend setting up a passcode for Instant Video purchases.

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