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Mouse only game suggestions

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Zathras5    142

I have a disability and can only use a mouse. So I'm looking for a good PC game that can be played entirely with the mouse. Looking online I see a lot of real-time strategy games can be played with a mouse but I really don't care for that genre. I just find them boring and more aggravating then fun.


So any game that's not an RTS but that can be played only with the mouse. Something somewhat simple and fun, and easy to just jump into and just start playing.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated... thanks.

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MightyJordan    5,124

I haven't played it in a little while, but I'm pretty sure Osmos can be played entirely using the mouse.

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Symal Taneous    31

Banished is pretty awesome. Pretty much any Civilization game can be played with just the mouse. Plants vs. Zombies can be played with just the mouse as well. There's also Game Dev Tycoon, Plague Inc and I believe Spacebase DF-9 can also be played with just the mouse. I think some of these games you do need to use a keyboard at the beginning, like to enter your name and such, but once you start playing, it's mouse only.


There's also Audiosurf. I haven't played the 2nd one yet, but the first one is mouse only as far as I know.

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Rigby    1,415

If you like space shooters and music Symphony is a really fun game that can be played entirely with a mouse. I have over 100 hours on it now. :)


You can even set most of the weapons to auto fire so you don't have to hold the mouse button.


There are also lots of adventure games that are purely point and click. You can play many of the classic ones with ScummVM.

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Andrew    2,755

Just a few I can think of, but some may need a gaming mouse to get all the controls mapped:


Audiosurf 1 + 2

Anomaly Warzone

Bejeweled series



Crayon Physics Deluxe

Defense Grid

Diablo 1, 2 & 3

Dragon Age Origins & Dragon Age 2

Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics

Fifa 13

Greed Corp

Guild Wars 2

Legend of Grimrock


Monkey Island series


Poker Night at the Inventory & Poker Night 2

Plants vs Zombies

Puzzle Quest series

Revenge of the Titans


Sam & Max series


The Witcher

Titan Quest

Torchlight 1 & 2

World of Goo


Genres like click-adventures are a safe bet. I was going to suggest The Walking Dead Telltale games but I believe the quick time events are mapped to the keyboard and no option to remap. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.


Puzzle, tower defense and sport management games rarely need more than a mouse to control them. If none of the above suggestions take your fancy take a look at the Steam categories and you'll find something which does I'm sure :)


If you want to read more about the accessibility of some I mentioned, Able Gamers is a great source for reviews.


Will post later if I remember more.





Hero Academy

iBomber series

Magic The Gathering series

Pool Nation

Runespell: Overture


Titan Attacks



These are technically in the RTS genre but more "city-builder" rather than something like StarCraft 2 etc:


Cities XL

Cities in Motion

Rollercoaster Tycoon series.

SimCity 2013

Theme Hospital

Theme Park

Tropico series

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elenarie    830

Diablo 3.

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+Cryton    66

I know you said you didn't like RTS, but have you tried Faster Than Light? It plays out in a short length of time and you can pause the game at any point to think on what you'd do. Also Defense Grid, but again another RTS type of game.


Adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island or Machinarium would work too.

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Zathras5    142

Wow, that's a lot of games. Thanks for these....

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