What is your favorite game on iOS?

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Superbrothers : Sword & Sworcery EP

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Addicted to Triple Town. Twee but fun!

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Mage Gauntlet. The gameplay in that is very close to Secret of Mana. I will be trying out their new game, Wayward Souls when it comes to Android tomorrow (already out on iOS).

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Subway Surfers

Flick Kick Football Legends

Fruit Ninja

Angry Birds

Clear Vision

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Motorsport Manager by Christian West.


Quite a fun game.

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These days I am playing Space Marshals. No IAP and just classic One Time Payment.

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The Angry Birds franchise for sure gets the most play time. It's ideal due to being something you can just quickly get in/get out.. vs something with more depth.

Osmos, World of Goo, and Plants vs Zombies are also good contenders..

I'll also toss in..

Cut the Rope, The Room, Infinity Blade franchise, and the SquareEnix games if you RPG (Final Fantasy, Chaos Rings)


None of those are going to be at all out of the box or rare hits lol But I enjoy them all.

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