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Windows 8 Close to Overtaking Windows XP in Global Market Share

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A new bunch of statistics provided for the first 30 days of May show that Windows 8 usage is on the rise, as more of those who were previously running Windows XP are jumping ship and looking for a new platform.

Statcounter figures indicate that Windows 7 continues to be the undisputed market leader with a global share of 55.09 percent, meaning that more than 1 in 2 PCs are currently powered by this particular OS version.

The second place goes to Windows XP, which now has a market share of 16.11 percent, followed by Mac OS X with 8.89 percent.

The biggest surprise, however, comes from the combined market share of Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft's modern operating systems that have both grown enough in the last few months that they are very close to overtaking Windows XP.

Windows 8 and 8.1 have a combined market share of 13.77 percent, very close to Windows XP's second place and likely to overtake this position if the same growth rate is maintained in the coming months.

Source: Softpedia - Windows 8 Close to Overtaking Windows XP in Global Market Share

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