We are the eyes that see

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Just wanted to share a project.. As photographers we are the eyes. This is very powerfull, because we can guide the hands and feet to action.


The below mentioned shoot is very much an example of someone taking the time to see. To do something more, and to make aware to the hands and feet, that there are people out there this winter, with less, that have a need for more.


The Shoot is called Hilton's home - Link as follows:




We can maybe open a topic, that is called something like, the eyes that see... for people to share the things closer to their heart?



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Draconian Guppy

I like this idea.  And the topic name as well, this could be something different than the photo competition, perhaps a yearly thread of "We are the eyes that see" !


But I wouldn't go near homeless people here, most of them are pretty violent :/

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The shoot got the attention of a local camera store forum. Not quite Fstoppers or SLR Lounge, but a start :)


Sorry for the links. Winter on this side. Snow on the mountains. And as I said before.. We are the eyes that see :) we can inspire hands and feet to move :)

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Great photos, AR!

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