Valve delibrately leaked HL2


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Hi! I'm John Voigt, a delegate of the NSAs personnel management! I'd like to recruit everyone that voted "Yes". We're still in need of analytical minds.

Yeah and i'd like a million dollars but it ain't gonna happen

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Geez, how hard is it to accept. If ValVE did actually want to leak HL2 they would have done it like the unfortunate leak of Doom3 by an ATi employee (I think that's what happened). There is no way that they would put their, and other companies copyrighted information out in the open just to get more time. If they needed time they would have said so, people would have complained but then go back to their other games, because they know when it's released it's going to blow their minds and everyone elses.


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yea highly unlikely that they would realease it themselves, probally just an angry employee that had to work on his birthday or somthing

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