Speaker Wire Management PC

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So I have my computer setup with all in-wall cable management for everything. 


The issue is that I have two speakers on the desk, it has a USB data cable, a USB power cable, and of course the audio cable.


I am wondering if any of you home theatre geeks have a fancy/crazy solution to hiding these cables?


My previous setup, I simply ran it down the back side of my desk leg (which its small, so not fully hidden) then across to my Cable Box (cable hider) (which means you can see some of it) and then to my computer. As for the Sound cable, tabled right behind the back desk frame. It works but it's not perfect.

So I am asking this as a long shot, if there are any other ideas?


I am pretty sure that is my only option, but worth asking I suppose. (thought maybe create a small hole for each speaker in the wall, and run them that way....but of course, you can't due to studs etc lol)

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