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Mozilla has released a new stable version of its popular web browser! In Firefox 29 the introduction of the Australis interface was big news and made a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the browser. Firefox 30 on the other hand only receives minor functionality updates but that doesn?t mean the release is any less exciting, as there are some great new additions in this new version. Firefox 30 is available to download on FileHippo now, although Mozilla  has not made an official release on its website yet (it usually puts new releases to the ftp server first before they are made available on the website and via the browser?s automatic updating mechanism).  So let?s have a sneaky preview at what?s new and what you can expect to see.




Most Plugins Are Not Activated By Default Anymore


Mozilla has decided that the majority of plugins will now have to be enabled before you can use them on the web. There is however a whitelist of plugins where this new rule doesn?t apply, so for example expect to see popular plugins like Adobe Flash, Unity, Skype and several McAfee plugins on that list. What you won?t find is Java, Google Update, Silverlight or Microsoft Office. The reasoning behind this is to provide you with more protection from malicious plugins that could result in a breach of your security. Mozilla is taking some responsibility for those that they deem safe by placing them on the whitelist.  You can see the full list by following this link.



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