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Gerowen    1,244

Bloodthirsty Iraqi jihadists posted a photo of a Sunni police chief?s decapitated head online ? along with a twisted joke about using it as a soccer ball at the World Cup on Friday.
?This is our ball .?.?. It is made of skin #WorldCup,? the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria tweeted with the grisly image.
The Islamic militant group has been turning to social media to boast of its victories as its fighters continue to seize large swaths of the country.
The propaganda efforts ? meant to shatter the morale of Iraqi government officials and strike fear into the heart of civilians ? have been wildly successful in the country, The Washington Post reported.
The al Qaeda-inspired group, which has also performed horrifying executions and amputations, also posted video footage of the beheading.
In the gruesome clip, the militants knock on the door of the police officer?s home in the middle of the night.
After he answers, they blindfold him, cuff him ? and cut off his head with a knife.
Another video clip the group posted online shows them leaning out of cars, spraying drivers with bullets along a blood-splattered street.


Source with more and photos (photos have been censored)

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DocM    16,758

Time for a few dozen well targeted cluster bombs.

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