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Google Names Its First

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Google Glass is quickly turning into the butt of a joke in the consumer market, where it?s being parodied on The Daily Show and elsewhere, and where the term ?glasshole? is now a common way to refer to what someone people call ?those face computers.? Today, Google is looking to rehab that image a bit by focusing on more practical applications designed for businesses. The company is announcing its first round of ?Glass at Work Certified Partners.?


The new partners include APX, Augmedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence.


APX Labs makes Skylight, business software for Glass, which provides workers with real-time access to enterprise data; Augmedix offers a service for doctors; Crowdoptic detects broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices to market context-aware apps for sports, entertainment, building/security and medical industries; GuidiGo works with museums and cultural institutions to help visitors connect with art and culture through storytelling experiences; and Wearable Intelligence creates Glass apps for energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.


Google says that hundreds of enterprise developers applied for the program, which lets them create business-specific apps for Glass, as well as become eligible for co-branding and listing on the ?Glass at Work? website.


The company also highlighted in particular some of the efforts underway by Augmedix, which is working with Dignity Health to find an alternative way to input information into a patient?s medical record without having physicians ?tethered to a computer.?



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