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Sharp free-form display could free us from the rectangle

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Sharp free-form display could free us from the rectangle


Sharp free-form display tech will bring non-traditional shapes to car displays and electronics devices

Almost all of the screens that are in consumer electronic devices, and even inside cars are of the rectangular variety. The reason for this is that the screens only come in rectangular shape from the factory. That may all change with new tech that Sharp is working on.






Sharp has a new display type that supports free-form shapes, which means the screen can be just about any shape rather than rectangular only. This has particularly big implications for the automotive market where displays are becoming more common.


Sharp says that it uses "proprietary circuit design methods" to make the free-form screens possible. The breakthrough that allows these screens to break out of the rectangular mold is the gate driver function being dispersed in the pixels in a display area allowing for smaller bezels. Mass production of the free-form screens will begin as soon as possible. No word has surfaced on if any devices or cars using these screens are in the pipeline.


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