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Question about reformating W7 on a dual boot PC

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cosrocket    3

I have an HP PC which originally came with Windows 7, on which I am dual booting with Windows 8.1. Something on the W7 side became corrupted and my only recourse is to reformat W7 with the recovery software that came with the PC.


What I want to make sure of is that when I run the HP Restore software that it only reformats the W7 partition, and leaves the W8.1 partition alone. When I started to run it there was a message that said, "Running the restore will reformat your "Hard Drive". But I don't know if by Hard Drive they mean the Windows 7 partition or if it will reformat the hard drive completely, which I do not want to do.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Eric    1,522

Read over this:


Depending on which option you choose it WILL repartition the drive. If your 8.1 installation is on the same drive I'd recommend imaging it first in case it gets lost. If you made the Windows 7 partition smaller than a specific (but unmentioned) size it will repartition.

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