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Bad netbook power adapter/charger?

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neojoker    0

A friend of mine brought me her laptop and said it wouldn't charge or power up with the power adapter. She said she had the charger tested at a store and even got a new one, but it still wasn't working. I bought a new dc power jack (the internal component to the laptop) and replaced it, but it didn't help.


My guess is: the power adapter is bad, or at least useless. Here's why...

1) I found out where she had it tested, and it's basically a little electronics store with "kids" working, where they aren't actually computer experts.

2) It's some generic, multi-connector (where you can change the ends) adapter.

3) When she brought the netbook to me, it still had a small charge on the battery, and would come on long enough for me to log into Windows briefly. This leads me to believe that the netbook itself isn't dead.

4) It doesn't appear that the battery is necessarily the problem, since just using the adapter without the battery doesn't work either.


With that in mind, I think the wisest thing to do is just buy a new adapter and try it out. I cannot really think of any other alternatives at this point.


Any other ideas or thoughts?

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68k    290

Some general questions:


'It's some generic, multi-connector (where you can change the ends) adapter'

- can a plug only be put one way, or are they reversible? (standard is center tip + voltage, outer ring - voltage)

- does the voltage of the plug pack match what the laptop requires (usually printed on the underside of the laptop)?

- does the plug pack have an LED display showing current voltage?

- some laptops send data (to a charger) over the power lines to actually enable charging

- is the socket on the laptop loose? Try pushing it gently with a knitting needle or some other apparatus. It should be firm


Do you have access to a multimeter?


Tip: stay away from the cheap Chinese plug packs on eBay - they all basically use the same circuitry and may end up damaging a laptop. I bought one for a friend once and after a few minutes of use it's internal capacitor blew. I think there were only about 10 parts in the circuit also (very crude design) - the CE logo on them was obviously fake (stood for Chinese Export instead).

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neojoker    0

Sorry for the lack of response. I ran across a new charger for a good price and decided to give it a shot. Worked perfectly. So it looks like my initial suspicious of the bad adapter/charger was correct.


Thanks for the reply, though!

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