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[UK] Laptop for approx.

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Technique    20

My sister is looking at a new laptop & her budget is approx. ?500 +/- a little.


She'll only be using it for internet browsing, storing & managing mp3s/iTunes, photos, a little photo editing but nothing professional. The main thing will be just browsing.


She's asked me to help her but pretty much i'm clueless. She does NOT want a macbook.


I don't know where to start. I have a Lenovo laptop myself which i selected because i was told & from what i read, Lenovo were a good brand. But take these for example:


Same price, but hard (for me) to spot the difference other than colour.


She has no specification as to RAM size etc.



She doesn't like the tiles of Windows 8, so what's the best way to make this more 'Windows-7-like' with the Start menu etc?



NOTE: I appreciate there's many people here not from the UK, but links to foreign websites etc are going to be useless to me. Links to UK websites are more than welcome.



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+John Teacake    447

There's more of us than you think!!  :rolleyes:


My search came up with this one but again it has the WIndows 8 tiles. You can go to the desktop though quite easily.


Have you thought about a Chromebook? Those are good. 


Asus are one of my favourite brands (For most things)


Have you looked at a VAIO. Those are not too badly priced these days. You can build and configure one....


Some great deals on here if you want refurbished...

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philcruicks    251

Few good ones from HP in your price range and actually cheaper than the 2 Lenovo's, although they lack the dedicated graphics, so if gaming is going to be done, probably spend the extra to Lenovo.


If she wants something a bit more portable then you could look at this 14" one


or for more power two 15" ones, 2nd had the additions of 2GB more RAM, 250GB more HDD and a touch screen.


As for the ones Chuck linked, the Toshiba is cheap and awful, I've never seen good Toshiba that has't had issues.


The Asus is a good shout if you really want to save some money.

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