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Google Shames Apple

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techbeck    4,979



Apple?s Tim Cook insulted Google at WWDC earlier this month saying ?Android dominates the market in malware?, and quoted an article calling the fragmented open operating system a ?toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.? Well Google punched back this morning at its I/O conference when Sundar Pichai put up a slide showing Android?s progess over the years, noting ?If you look at what other platforms are getting now, widgets, custom keyboards, many of these things came to Android four, maybe five years ago.?


And the Google fanboys and fangirls went wild.






Dont really see why companies need to mention the competition like this.  Products should sell themselves.  Oh well, maybe I am to old and just remember a better time.

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InsaneNutter    943

Everyone borrows ideas form each other, theirs no denying Apple shaped today's smart phone market.


However Google has got other things right from day one, such as the notification center.


The constant getting at each other like that is childish though, which Apple, Google and Microsoft are all guilty of.


When it comes down to it we get the better experience as consumers though, as everyone is constantly adding / improving features.

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