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Sharepoint Question

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SlayerS_BoxeR    2

What are some similar programs that plays a similar role to Sharepoint? (for instance, in DB, mssql, oracle or in programming, visual studio and java ide)


Is it mandatory to know .net/c# coding to use the sharepoint? I am aware of the fact that sharepoint and visual studio can be linked to produce more effective work, but what are some required skills (either programming or any fields) in order to use this?


and I am a bit confused for its purpose of usage. I know sharepoint is for IT management system (intermediary btw client and server sided), but is it mainly building for a website or crm app system?


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sc302    1,390

Share point is a lot of things. It is a portal used to share information and documentation. This can go into crm or helpdesk or inventory management. It has a sql back end so it is pretty limitless in that aspect. You can host multiple sites that have different purposes on it.

It would help if you could code with it as you can do more once you can customize it vs using the cookie cutter pages that our comes with. Html, visual basic, and sql would be very good things to learn to be able to customize SharePoint.

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