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Native app folders coming to Windows Phone with iOS-like implementation




Big news for Windows Phone users who are finding their starts screens too cluttered.


NokiaPowerUser reports that native app folders are coming to Windows Phone which can be created simply by dragging and dropping live tiles on top of each other.

The implementation appears pretty similar to iOS.




From the description it appears that folders will open on the Start screen, not a separate page, like Nokia?s Folders app, and that users will be able to drag tiles from the folder to the start screen to remove them, suggesting that the folder will open up in the same way as on iOS.


This feature will become particularly relevant with the Nokia McLaren, which is rumoured to use 3d Touch to explode app folders and give access to the sub tiles inside.


Do our readers think this is outside the ethos of the Start screen, or is it long overdue? Let us know below.


Source: WMPoweruser

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What I really want is ways to group tiles like you can currently do on Windows 8. I only pin the apps I find most important or the one I use the most.

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