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This can't be a coincidence

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FMH    715

Here's the background, if you don't know. Amazon had a clash wih a publisher which publishes Stephen Colbert's books. And he sorta did this catharsis:

And also endorsed a book called "California" to show Amazon down. To take it to NYT best seller list, without selling on Amazon.

Here's an email from iTunes:


You can also see the discount banner at the bottom, which is also believed to be a jab at Amazon.

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Seketh    107

There was an interesting post over at Reddit the other day that explained how "bestsellers" aren't literally bestsellers at all.


What happens is that the publisher or the retailer believe that a certain book will be a "bestseller", so they bump it up to the "bestsellers" list. That's why pretty much every major celebrity endorsed book reaches the "bestseller" list. In this case, Itunes promptly bumped the book to the top.


TL;DR: Bestsellers become bestsellers because they say it is a bestseller. 

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