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Russia Moves To Ban Online Services That Don

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techbeck    5,423

The Russian government has moved one step closer towards a ?China-like? approach towards Internet services.


Last night, the Russian State Duma (parliament) passed the first bill requiring that the personal data of all Russians should be stored inside the country.


The effects of the bill, if passed, would be wide-ranging, touching just about every international service used by Russians. Essentially, it would mean that Facebook, Google or any other international online service ? including apps ? used by people in Russia would need to have physical servers inside Russia?s borders.


Furthermore, these non-Russian companies would not be allowed to send data outside the country unless they can provide certain guarantees on data storage inside the country. For those who do not, the state telecommunications agency Roskomnadzor will require carriers to restrict access to those services.


The bill also proposes amendments to laws covering personal information and data protection.



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+FloatingFatMan    13,861

Brick, by brick, by brick...

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