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DD-WRT: As good as it sounds?

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cork1958    1,068

Well I can only talk for tomato, but I install it for the extremely efficient and fast QoS that allows p2p users for example to fully saturate the upstream without affectin gaming. Also since my current Asus black knight router was designed by idiots, I can't use the built in DDNS. As it uses the routers WAN ip for the DDNS and not the internet ip. Seeing as my ISPs inteno combo router can't be set to modem mode, so I need to use DMZ. Tomato of course supports a boatload of DDNS services and has no problem being double NATed on DMZ as it checks the actual internet ip.

Then there's the general better efficiency, ability to so bandwidth usage per device so you can see who or what is hogging the line.

Unftunately I haven't been able to, use it on the rt66, with tomato the WiFi range is significantly cut down. Making the awesome range on the rt66 pathetic and it wont even cover the whole house, as opposed to 4 of 5 bars in every corner with the original firmware.

About the same here as far as a Tomato user. Haven'the touched it since installing. Never updated this older router. I mean the software from the Tomato site has never been updated.

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