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Remove Old Network Profiles?

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badb0y    135



I want to remove these old network profiles on my Ethernet adapter. As shown in the pic below. The Ethernet connection is currently named as "Network 3". So I want to remove older profiles i.e. "Network 1" and "Network 2" Though the older profiles are not showing up, so I don't know how to remove those.


I am running windows 8.1 pro 


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badb0y    135

Nevermind, I found my answer.


"Okay. Windows 8 truly removed the user-friendly script which allows you to instantly merge, rename, and delete network locations. I also find this as inconvenience since my network locations always get another numeric suffix. However, network locations can easily be managed using the Registry Editor.
1. Run Registry Editor. (press Windows button + R, type regedit, click OK)
2. Go to this folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles.
The Profiles folder will eventually give you all the network locations (past or recent) that you have used. Each network location is represented by a subfolder.
If you want to set up again the network locations when the network adapter connects to the network, delete all the subfolders of Profiles folder.
If you want to rename the network location, click on the right subfolder and edit the key named ProfileName and input the name you desire for the network location.
I hope this helps. Thank you."

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