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Extract PDF Pages and a Small Edit

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Nutshell    1

Hey Guys.

With billions of pdf documents I understand why there are so many feature rich
pdf apps.

I was happy with the free versions of Foxit Reader and CutePDF Writer until
recently. I'm accumulating numerous pdf files under 5 pages. I want to extract
one or two pages and delete the page numbers (1 of 4, etc.). Really, that's
all I need to do!

(I can mount a virtual drive or roll back the entire system, so anything I try can
be quickly undone.)

I thought CutePDF Professionial would do the job so I tried it. Extracting is no
problem, but CutePDF Pro integrates Foxit Reader. In effect, you see the Foxit
window inside CutePDF. With all the features of the pro version I still can't delete
those page numbers.

Must I install a pdf reader and/or editor with a zillion options? There should be
a relatively simple app that would extract pages and make simple text edits.

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Rohdekill    717

If you're looking for an app to do this across multiple PDFs, I can't think of one.  But as far as occasionally doing this, all you need is any pdf printer...

- open pdf

- print to pdf printer

- select pages you want to print (the pages you want to keep) 

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xendrome    4,385

Editing the contents the of the PDF isn't what PDF is meant for, you should modify the source document or convert it back to Word. You might need Adobe Pro.


Or try uploading the PDF to Google Docs, that might convert it to something you can edit.

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Nutshell    1

Despite the popularity of CutePDF Writer (free version) as a virtual
printer, it does not allow you to select pages. These options are
grayed out.

While searching Google I found an app called "doPDF." The reviewer of
this app mentioned that it does allow you to save pages selectively when
creating a new pdf file. It cannot extract pages from an existing pdf.
CutePDF Pro can.

You know, the pdf has been around for many years. I've download and
uploaded countless pdf's. For whatever reason I never had to change or
edit a pdf document. What a pain in the neck!

The accumulation of pdf files I mentioned must be emailed to a few clients.
Keeping the pdf format seems logical, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's
worth the trouble. You need the right pdf printer to create (or extract)
the file and another app to make simple edits.

So far, I've read the documentation for a whole lot of these apps. I never
seem to read anything that simplifies the process. I guess folks who create
and edit pdf's all the time would not understand my "newbie" problems.

Thanks guys.

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farmeunit    454

I used to always find "good" ways to edit and work with PDFs, and always ended up going to Acrobat.  It is just so darn expensive for most people.  I work with a school, so pricing isn't terrible and WELL worth it.


How about: (web-based.  I have used and works OK, usually) (free and paid options.  I have not used)

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COKid    873

Acrobat Pro. Yes, lots of options. Simply use the ones you desire. With the cost, try eBay and a reputable seller.

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