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Senate passes bill to make cellphone unlocking legal again

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techbeck    5,105

You all know the drill. You buy a phone from AT&T or other wireless provider and the phone is tied down to their specific. For those looking to take their smartphone elsewhere, 1998?s Digital Millennium Copyright Act actually made it illegal for anyone to unlock their own cellphone. It wasn?t until 2006 that the Library of Congress provided an exemption that allowed consumers to unlock their phones for the sole purpose of changing providers. Only problem is that exemption expired in 2013 (late 2012).


If you thought consumers were just going to be SOL from here on out, Senate has passed a new bill that will once again makes cellphone unlocking legal. Announced in a press release by Senator Patrick Leahy, The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act allows consumers to unlock their cellphone ? either ?professionally? or by themselves ? for use on different networks once their current contract is up.



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+FloatingFatMan    13,394

The only thing here that should be illegal, is locking the damn phones down in the first place.


Why do the carriers care what network you're using? They have you in a nice long contract, so they're getting their money anyway.

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