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Last December, an 81-year-old Cincinnati grandfather received a call ?that sent my life into a tailspin and conned me out of $7,000 in what I now know was a phone scam,? he told the Senate Select Committee on Aging at a hearing on Wednesday.

?The caller had a young voice and said, ?Grandpa, this is your favorite grandson.? To which I replied, ?I have six grandsons and they?re all my favorites,?? the scam victim, ?Roger W.,? testified on Wednesday.

When the caller said he was the oldest grandson, the grandfather reflexively replied, ?Tighe, how are you?? The grandson explained he had gotten into some trouble during a trip, needed money to get out of jail, ?and I don?t want Mom and Dad to know about this,? he added. ?Talk to this police officer.?

As this increasingly sinister charade unfolded, a so-called ?police officer? got on the phone to tell the shocked grandparent he should go to Walmart or CVS and ?load a total of $3,000 into Green Dot Moneypak cards in $1,000 denominations,? Roger W. said, ?and that I needed cash to purchase the cards.?

Distressed about his grandson?s predicament and desperate to help, Roger W. (who wanted his privacy maintained for fear of being further victimized) cashed a check for $3,000 ?at my bank and went to Walmart and bought three MoneyPak cards, each loaded with $1,000 dollars. I returned home and called the police officer at a number with a 438 area code ? the area code for Montreal, Canada ? and gave him the scratch-off numbers on the MoneyPak cards.?

But the scammers needed another $4,000 to complete the transaction. It was only after sending additional money that Roger W. finally called other family members about his grandson?s situation. When he reached his actual grandson on the phone and learned he was safe and sound ? and hadn?t asked for money ? Roger W. realized he?d been sucker-punched.

He called the Cincinnati police, the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission, but even more than six months later, ?I?m not sure what they?ve been able to do about it,? he said Wednesday.


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These people need to be extradited to Singapore for a year or so of daily canings :angry:

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Seniors should get a return phone number, to confirm the 'story'.

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      Until we find out just what exactly The Initiative is up to, here are some of the Xbox One games launching next week, in case you’re wondering.

      Windows 95 turns 25

      As the title of this section already gives away, Microsoft’s venerable Windows 95 is now a quarter of a century old. The OS was released to manufacturing on August 15, 1995, with a retail release following a mere nine days later, on August 24. It began the series of 9x operating systems from the Redmond giant, and it was the first version of Windows to feature the now iconic (and still present), Start Menu (and button), Taskbar, and Recycle Bin.

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      To start things off, you’ll now be able to export Collections to OneNote directly from Edge via 'Send to OneNote', Collections themselves are available for mobile, and encrypted sync is being extended to more education customers, just in time for the back to school period.

      Yet another feature coming this month, and one that’s similarly geared towards the education market, is Picture Dictionary in the Immersive Reader. Even further still, the built-in PDF reader now has a new highlighter tool with five color options. For everything else that’s included in Edge 85, be sure to head over to this link.

      Dev channel
      Microsoft 365 gets its August updates focusing on Teams and Edge. The Microsoft 365 Admin Portal was down earlier this week, though the issue is now fixed. Teams now has native OS notifications for preview users on macOS and Windows. Windows Terminal 1.2 is GA, with the 1.3 Preview bringing a command palette. Live Transcription in Teams will start rolling out in September. Microsoft has a new patent which hints at a topic-based meeting summarizer. Transcribe for Word is now generally available. You can now set custom notification actions in Outlook for Android. Display improvements for the HoloLens 2 are coming via software updates, says Microsoft. Immersive Reader for Azure Cognitive Services is now GA. The Redmond giant has introduced 15 new languages to its Neural Text-to-Speech service. Microsoft sides with Epic in the latter’s court battle against Apple. Logging off
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