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(Free 9 month license) Bitdefender Internet Security 2015

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Luc2k    728

Which functions or options did you want access to?


Most AV/IS seem to have the "set and forget" approach. The market for people who just want to install and ignore is greater than people who want lots of technical access to every part of the software.

I wanted more control over files it deems as infected, not delete and sort it out later (very problematic with large files as quarantine is not used). Another thing I'd welcome are detailed logs (like Norton). I'd give you more specific examples, but like I said, it's a bit fuzzy since I've tried a lot of suites at the time. I could give it another whirl if you want more details as I'm not running any AV right now.


I know most of them aren't aimed at the power user, but still, I would have expected an advanced mode from "the best". I guess it's good for casual users or those can't be bothered to fiddle with the stuff and I might have installed it on said users' PCs if it weren't for the webpage loading hit.

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