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As the title says, when I modify data rows during the adapter updating row event, it doesn't save my changes. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the updating event? I want to check to make sure columns are being set right (data comes in via stream so I can't control it via client) when the adapter is being called. It seems like there is something I'm missing. I've tried setting ad.AcceptChangesDuringUpdate = true; and still no avail. Hopefully someone can point out if it's not possible by design? Can't find any documentation on this via google. Only examples show data being recorded with text files on Microsoft's web site. If I have to there are work arounds I already have thought of that I can implement but it would be a shame because that plumbing is already there (just not working the way I need it to ><).

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Can you post some code? It would be simpler to understand and help.

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