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Xbox Packet Loss - 5Ghz or Better Router?

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RedsunsF1    1

Hello everyone, i'm Jonathan and new to this forum. 


I purchased an Xbox1 yesterday. I have Comcast and I am renting the Modem and i believe it has a built in router? I decided to buy yesterday as well a Netgear universal dual band range extender ( Netgear WN2500RP ) to get better internet service since I am in the basement and my moms room is 2 floors up and on the complete opposite side of the house and in her room is where the modem is at. Anyways, i was able to set up the Range extender pretty easy, I log in to the Xbox one and try to play multiplayer and it wont let me, i tried some trouble shooting and it says I have high "packet loss" and i'm at 100% and I should be at 0 to play or close to 0 as possible. My range extender shows i'm getting 2.4ghz but tried to get the "fast lane technology" but it doesn't show that my Comcast modem will provide 5ghz. 


I do have my range extender next to my xbox with Ethernet cable plugged in to the xbox and i'm still getting High "pocket loss" - Do I need to get a new modem so i can get 5ghz (sorry i don't have the information with me at the moment for which modem i have from comcast)? If i get a new dual band modem will i still have " high pocket loss"? Is it possible for me to use the comcast modem and range extender to be able to play and get rid of the high pocket loss? 




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Roger H.    773

Moved to Internet, Network & Security - even though it's connecting an Xbox.


Your best bet is to try connecting a laptop or so to the device and see what speeds you are getting. Log into the repeater and tweak some settings. If you are getting packet loss is it because of the repeater or is it just the line itself. That's why checking with a laptop will tell you these things.


Using 5Ghz that far away wouldn't work probably so you need one of a few things:


- Move the router to a more central location if possible - say mid level, center of the level.

- Tweak your settings on the router and repeater to get the best signal (what are your signal levels on the repeater?)

- Run a long Ethernet cable outside your mom's window and down to the basement - Ghetto I know, I've done it before though :p

- Maybe try Powerline devices so you can get a "wired" connection to the router if moving it is not an option.


Post back some details and we can help better from then on.

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