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Bungie pays up $95K to the composer behind Halo

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Bungie pays up $95K to the composer behind Halo

By Emily Gera on Jul 22, 2014


Bungie is paying $95,000 to composer Marty O'Donnell following a lawsuit against the company and chief executive Harold Ryan over unpaid benefits after being let go by the company, Venturebeat reports.


The settlement includes $38,385 in unpaid work, and this same amount once more in damages. With legal fees and interest this comes to a total of $95,019.13.


The suit, filed on May 1, claims that Bungie violated its agreement to pay employees for "unused vacation, paid time off, sabbatical time and other benefits." The document states that there are other, separate grievances against Ryan "that are being pursued in arbitration."


response from Bungie was filed on May 27 denying all allegations.


The composer was let go on April 11 "without cause," according to a tweet he posted at the time and the original lawsuit.


O'Donnell joined the company in 2000 as an audio director. Most recently, he served as the audio director for Destiny.

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