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Confused about SAS Raid/HBA speeds

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essential+    4

Got 2 questions about SAS raid controller cards and HBAs.


First question

If I had 256 SSD drives (using SAS expanders of course) in raid 0 connected to a 6Gb/s SAS raid controller (PCIe 2.0), what theoretical speed would I get:

  1. 256 x 6GB/s ?
  2. 6GB/s ?
  3. The maximum speed of the PCIe 2.0 port?


Second question


Does the reply to the first question also apply to HBAs, provided a software raid is used instead?

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Xahid    4,944

I have 256 GB SSD connected with SAS raid controller 6Gb/s from IBM.

6Gb/s speed is written on the SSD, but I don't think it's the actual speed of drive (practically) I am using it only for OS, and other SAS drives 500X4 GB Raid5 for Database.

I think you will get full SSD speed even if its connected to SAS controller, it will not dramatically speed up the SSD.

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