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Sprint and Google partner up to push Google Apps for enterprise

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techbeck    5,110

Sprint and Google are today announcing a new partnership which allows Sprint to sell Google's Apps for Business services to its enterprise customers starting next month. Google Apps, which is the search giant's business-focused offering of its ubiquitous consumer services, includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and a number of other Google services. Sprint will essentially be a reseller of Google's services, and it will offer expanded support and other services that Google itself doesn't provide.


Sprint is expanding on the support services that Google already provides by offering customers a single line of contact for Google Apps and wireless devices and services and support for end users. Google offers a comprehensive support system for Apps customers, including phone support available 24/7 to account administrators, but Sprint thinks its options will provide added value for its customers that take advantage of multiple Sprint services. Sprint will also offer expanded single sign-on services and training programs, as well as offer the ability to pre-load Android or iOS devices with Google's apps and services before delivering them to customers.



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