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Adobe Flash Player MSI

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Nutshell    1

I need an older version of Flash Player wrapped with an msi installer.

Version for non-ie browsers (Firefox, Opera, etc.) I'll accept
any version starting with 10.3.183. The file name usually contains the word
"plugin" because browsers based on the Gecko Engine have a plugin folder.

I've been told to get a free distribution license from Adobe:

Adobe does have a lengthy list of archived versions of Flash Player. I
downloaded a 65 mb package, hoping it would contain one msi installer.
It didn't.

Since Flash Player is the most widely distributed free app in the world, I don't
think it's a crime to use a file sharing search engine. It's easy to find a long
list of version 10.3.183. The problem is the listings don't provide enough info.
Some say Flash Player for Firefox, but you don't know if the package is msi
or exe.

I tried a free exe to msi converter app. When I tried installing the package
created by the converter it didn't work.

If you have a working URL please let me know.

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+theblazingangel    137

Why on earth do you want to find such an old insecure version?


Instead of trying to convert from exe to msi, which you say you tried and failed to do, could you not simply wrap the exe in an msi installer?


Otherwise I don't imagine many places are going to bother archiving something like this, so good luck with that :/

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sinetheo    517


The paid version has active directory, store, and push support as well and automatic version upgrading. I go there all the time for new pc builds. 

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Nutshell    1

Thank you Raa, sinetheo, and theblazingangel

I should have mentioned that I'm not insane! I'm very aware
that Abobe constantly patches security holes in Flash. That's
why the list of versions is endless.

I assure you guys that no desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or
any other gizmo will be at risk from malware. There is a reason
I've downloaded several older versions of Flash. Many folks use
these archived versions for all sorts of projects. It would bore
you to death if I typed several paragraphs about my project.

Raa, I downloaded one of "smaller" archives from that URL a few
days ago. The list title is "Flash Player archives, Release and
Content Debugger archives." As I mentioned, these zip files don't
have an msi installer. It seems a little crazy to download a huge
developer archive, but I guess if there is no other way to get a few
msi installers that's what I'll have to do.

I read several posts while googling about getting a free distribution
license. They say you fill out a simple form and a URL is sent to
your email account that has msi files. The problem is, what do they
offer on the distribution page? All msi versions of Flash, or only
the latest version? That's why I've been reluctant to apply for the
free license.

Anyway, I don't participate in any forum very much. I really appreciate
your replies.

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Raa    1,417

Just to follow up, I know the large archive files (100-200mb) do have the MSIs in them.


The distribution page you refer to does have the MSI, but it's only for the current release. (Not what you want.)


You *might* try for an old MSI installer, but can't promise they'll have them - usually they're only for corporate.

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