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Laptop Desktop Replacement Advice

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RichieC    4

I'm looking to get rid of my current rig, which is a tower. It's a got a core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, a AMD 9700 card, SSD Hybrid drive. (Ill get more info on the specs once I am home).

Now I've had this machine for a good few years and have moved into my own house. The reason I want a laptop replacement is that I work as a 3D designer and I'm looking to learn new skills but dont want to be locked away in one of the bedrooms (where my PC currently is), as I have 2 dogs and want to be around them, so I'm ideally looking for a desktop replacement. I don't care if it weights a tonne either.


I'd ideally want a 17" laptop which will perform better than my current rig for the best price possible. I was hoping you guys could link me to the best laptops out there that meet my needs. I'll mainly be using 3D Studio max on the laptop and doing modelling and rendering on. The main thing is that it can cope with a decent amount of polygons on the screen without slowing down and crashing.


The machine I use at work is:

i7-3770 3.4ghz

128GB SSD Drive
GTX 560Ti 2GB


Now I know that spec above works well with the 3D work I do and never lags etc. So I wouldn't mind trying to find a laptop as close to that spec as possible while keeping the price down as realistically as possible.

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Jason S.    1,231

I have this HP Elitebook here at work. It's a beast. It's really well built and really fast. It's not cheap, though. This model (last year) was $2100.


I dont know about today, but I used to really like the Dell workstations.


Also, this would be a beast. It's thick, but it's a desktop replacement -->


what's your budget?

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