UN40H6350 short review (Samsung 40 inch 2014)

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Over a week ago, I replace my Samsung 40 inch from 2007 model with a 2014 model UN40H6350. The reason I replace it was that I could not fix the issue with the old one. I didn't just the 4K model was three things, no 4k standard and no content and price. My budget was about $450 but because I got a good deal and picture, color and style was so much better then a $350 Sony from Walmart I was originally planning to replace.

The Samsung 40 inch LED-LCD (UN40H6350) is a 120hz, Smartv with a slim bezel and metal(plastic) stand that really stand out. The Smartv does the job okay but nothing special. The User interface of the 2014 model is really strip down than last years UI. The quad core gets the job done but does not compare to a Xbox 360 or ps3. Netflix was no loading when I first got it but after an update from a few days ago that issue is fixed.

The picture quality is great but not straight out of the box. You will need to change the settings to get it looking good but when you do it does stands out. The one issue it has which I don't know its common with all HDTV but the skin tone of people is always too red or yellow.

Sound quality is not great. Its not bad but if you have always use standalone or soundbar for your TV then you will most likely need to buy one. My last Samsung had build in 50 watt speakers on the side. So I will be added a soundbar to replace the tiny 2x 10 watts that is built in.

I got the TV from Best Buy and they match the price from Amazon for $549 plus taxes. Its not the high end HDTV but if you want a mid range TV that will stand out and give good quality and lose a arm and leg then this is the HDTV for you.


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