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Ad delivery issues (resolved)

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Steven P.    8,795

First of all I want to say a big thankyou to all those who support Neowin by whitelisting us, now on to the issues.


It appears we had a tag running that wasn't doing anything, and as a result it messed up one or two others that should display inline on the page, that ad has been removed and now all are displaying correctly on main.


Forums were unaffected, but I still have to remove two ad codes from there too (for guests) which are no longer delivering ads to us, those codes can cause a slight slowdown due to a timeout on the request to the advertiser.


I will do that immediately after posting this.


Additionally I have reported another popup "survey" type thing and asked the advertiser to disable pop up ads altogether, this was coming from our reserve advertiser, not the main one, who displays ads when our main advertiser cannot fill the spots.


As always I appreciate your support, and we also strive to ensure that ads do not popup windows or whatever, everything should be inline (with exception to the inline in-text links for guests).


Lastly, registering is always fewer ads, consider it guests! :)

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