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Onedrive storage space

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Just opened up my one drive space and I see I now have 1.01TB of space available! Thought it was only meant to be 25GB?





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That sounds great, however try to actually use the space and you will find it very hard to.
You are limited to files 2GB in size and 20,000 files in total last time i checked.

Either way i was not able to use the space on my OneDrive Business account to make an additional backup of some large files.

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      Additionally, the web client has also gained the ability to manage files and content in shared libraries with full fidelity. Users can create new folders and documents and pin them to the top, add specific files to users’ own OneDrive, manage metadata, and much more. This improves the functionality of the web client, especially when collaborating with other users through shared libraries in Teams or SharePoint.

      Another enhancement making its way to the cloud storage service relates to the Known Folder Move (KFM) feature. Admins can now prevent certain types of files, such as app shortcuts and the like, from being synced to OneDrive or SharePoint. The excluded files contain a separate icon displayed on them in the File Explorer which the firm calls a “do not enter” status. A message in the sync center will also notify users about the status of such files when the feature is enabled. You can head to the support article here for more information.

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