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MS China Raid by Chinese Officials, Said To Be About "Antitrust Investiagtions"


Yesterday Neowin News reported about MS China Offices in 4 Chinese cities were "raided" by Chinese Government Offices, at that time the cause was unknown:




Just now, some light was thrown on this matter, as reported by Sina News, it seems MS China was involved in some sort of "Antitrust Investigations", namely anti-monopolization and anti-unfair-trade:




Bing translation:


Recognized by antitrust investigations of Microsoft China was taken away documents and computer
07-29 08:39

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Beijing News dispatch (reporter Lin Qiling) after Qualcomm, another United States technology companies facing antitrust investigations in China. Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed to the Beijing News reporter, the State administration for industry and commerce have been Microsoft-antitrust inquiries. Microsoft said in a statement, will cooperate with the Government investigation and answer related questions.

? Microsoft said it would "co-operate with the investigation"

Yesterday morning, the surprise visit to the State administration for industry and commerce, Microsoft is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu office and taken away documents and computers, antitrust inquiries. Yesterday afternoon, Microsoft issued a statement to confirm this.

Microsoft insiders said, it is not clear for the time being the company check the cause and actively cooperate with the Government investigation of the company, and to answer related questions.

Microsoft said in a statement that "we are committed to creating products to meet customer demands for functionality, security and reliability. We will actively cooperate with the Government investigation and answer related questions. ?

??Why not Commission survey?

Previously, domestic antitrust investigation launched by the national development and Reform Commission, why did the involvement of the Administration for industry and Commerce?

Shanghai large State law firm partner you yunting, said antitrust investigations in China, there are in fact three or four departments, administration for industry and Commerce mainly for enterprises "unfair" behavior, such as tying, abuse of market dominance; the Commission mainly for enterprises "involved a price of monopoly", including horizontal and vertical monopoly; the Commerce Department for enterprise "mergers and acquisitions".

From this point of view, Microsoft's antitrust inquiry may relate to "unfair"

Microsoft recently despite repeated setbacks in China. On May 16 of this year, the Central Government procurement Center has issued a circular requiring State bodies "information supply agreement compulsory energy-saving product purchasing tender", all calculator products do not allow installation of Windows 8 operating system. Chinese Academy of engineering NI Guangnan said, Windows 8 operating system increases on China's network security risks resulting from uncontrollable.


(Content provided by SINA Beijing. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced. )



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